Mosaic (M4c)

Mosaic (M4c) is a platform run by Prime Access Consulting, Inc. (PAC) in service of developing and nurturing an inclusive design and accessibility community of practice.

M4c is where the PAC team house our micro blog, publish persistently updated versions of their References and Inclusive Design Glossary, and is also the home for the emerging Mosaic (M4c) Convening.

The micro blog was developed in response to requests from clients and partners to share interesting, even if sometimes imperfect, examples and experiments of inclusive design, accessibility, inclusion, and thought-provoking design that the PAC team comes across throughout their travels.

As the community of practice develops, and as PAC’s library of products grows, expect the Mosaic platform to grow, evolve, and increase its offerings.

Don’t forget to reference the Taco List when the craving strikes! The PAC team are always looking for great taco leads across any and all cities they travel to – suggestions encouraged!