The Taco List

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The PAC Team Taco List. We attempt to eat tacos in every city we travel to. It’s a simple 5 taco rating scale in 1/2 taco increments (we use the entire scale, meaning a 2.5 is not horrible). Golden Taco is the tops. Commentary is limited.

Golden Taco

Tacos El Tijuanense 🏆
Los Angeles (San Fernando)

The golden taco holder, at present, is Tacos El Tijuanense in LA. We ate there in April 2022 and can’t wait to get back. There really is no description that will do these tacos justice. The restaurant is situated in the parking lot of some box stores and it is effectively a counter with very little informal seating. The fact that this place has been holding the Golden Taco title since April 2022 should say all you need to know.

Tacos by City 🌮

Listed Taco Joints, the city they’re in, and ratings. Only those that are worthy get any kind of elaborate description. Everything else gets a quick contextual note.


Listed Taco Joints, the city they’re in, and ratings. Only those that are worthy get any kind of elaborate description. Everything else gets a quick contextual note.

Baltimore, USA

  • Clavel
    • Delicious. Great vibe. Excellent drinks. Did we mention delicious?
    • 4/5

Boise, Idaho, USA

  • Madre Boutique Taqueria
    • Counter and sit. Really good tacos. Unimpressive canned cocktails.
    • 3/5

Carmel by the Sea, California, USA

  • Cultura Comida y Bebida
    • Very good tacos. Fantastic Oaxacan restaurant – delicious food well beyond the taco menu.
    • 4/5

Cary, North Carolina, USA

  • Gonzo Tacos y Tequila
    • Good vibe, good tacos.
    • 3/5

Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Kei gol Lanee
    • Decent.
    • 3/5
  • Taco Mucho
    • Really great tacos.
    • 4/5

Cleveland, USA

  • Barrio Tacos
    • Hard shells all the way (soft shells = 0.5)
    • 2.5/5

Denver, USA

  • Mister Oso
    • Delicious. Great combinations. Build your own = works super well here.
    • 4/5
  • Uno Mass Taqueria
    • Overfilled tacos. Some better than others. Decent.
    • 2.5/5

LA, California, USA

  • Taqueria Santa Cruz Express
    • Actually in San Luis Obispo, CA
    • Driving from across or through California? Don’t miss your chance to stop and this express taco joint. Well worth it.
    • 4/5
  • Tacos El Tijua (San Fernando)
    • Golden Taco Holder. Not much else to state. Eat here or your loss.
    • 5/5

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Los Arcos Birrieria y Taco Shop
    • Delicious and messy and delicious. The goat was the best by far.
    • 3/5

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

  • El Taco Luchador (Highlands)
    • Good casual vibe. Good tacos.
    • 3.5/5
  • City Tacos (Bardstown)
    • 2.5/5

Monterey Bay, California, USA

  • El Flamingo Taco Truck (Moss Landing)
    • Birria was delicious. Tinga was juicy, not dry.
    • 3/5

Miami, Florida, USA

  • Coyo Taco (Brickell)
    • Better reviews than the experience.
    • 2.5/5
  • Hoya Taqueria (Miami Beach)
    • Tuna taco was good. The rest: *yawn.
    • 2/5
  • Tacquiza Tacos (Miami Beach)
    • Don’t bother. There is better.
    • 1.5/5
  • Taco Stand (Wynwood)
    • Hits and misses.
    • 2.5/5

New York, NY, USA

  • Ruta Oaxaca (Astoria)
    • Great menu. Decent tacos. Much more.
    • 2.5/5
  • Birria Landia (Brooklyn, Food Truck)
    • Only birria. 4 delicious menu items (taco, tostada, quesadilla, consommé)
    • 4/5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Casa Mexico
    • This city needs taco assistance because this is consistently the best and it is not amazing.
    • 2.5/5
  • Margarita
    • Great ingredients and combos, beautiful plating, should be better than it is.
    • 2.5/5
  • Si Señior
    • Finally, this city. Really good. Sometimes too full.
    • 3.5/5

Pittsburg, Pensilvania, USA

  • Condado Tacos (Liberty Ave)
    • We were in Pittsburg for 5 days and went to this taco joint 3 times and have returned since. Freshly deep fried, crispy tacos available and they should definitely be tried.
    • 4/5

Raleigh, USA

  • Chido Taco
    • Solid.
    • 3/5

San Francisco, California, USA

  • Taqueria Los Mayas
    • Some excellent, some misses.
    • 3/5

San Jose, California, USA

  • Tacos El Compa
    • Solid
    • 3/5
  • Speedy’s Tacos
    • Carne Asada is moist with crispy bits, Tinga was juicy, Pulled Pork was spiced like Barbacoa. Green salsa verde is excellent. Great spot. Excellent tacos.
    • 4/5

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Grand Electric (Queen St W)
    • Great tacos, good size (street size), great combos, and excellent cocktails. Good vibe. Be prepared to wait or put your name on the list. Can get loud.
    • 4/5
  • El Trompo
    • Nice size, authentic, solid.
    • 3/5
  • Tacos el Asador
    • Disappointing.
    • 2/5

Washington, DC, USA

  • Bandit Taco (New Hampshire Ave)
    • Not what it once was.
    • 2/5
  • Taqueria Xochi
    • Take-out only.
    • 2.5/5

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Sargent Taco
    • The owner moved to Winnipeg from Mexico. He and his daughter opened this counter/pick-up joint in a dodgy part of town. And their tacos are probably Corey’s favourite tacos period. Get the chicken mole taco, or the mushroom taco, or the lingua taco, or any of the soups, or pozole, or the floutas.
    • 4.5/5
  • Merchant Kitchen
    • Handmade corn tortilla every morning. Great Mexican/Asian combos.
    • 4/5
  • La Roca
    • Great logo, good vibe, mediocre food.
    • 2/5