Mosaic Convening 2024

October 8-10, 2024
Boise, Idaho
City background

Presented by Prime Access Consulting


Join us for the inaugural Mosaic (M4c) Convening 2024. Centering inclusive design and accessibility in the cultural and themed entertainment domains, this convening plays a critical role in the development and nurturing of the inclusive and universal design communities of practice.


The evening of October 8th through the evening of October 10th, 2024.


Boise, Idaho

The Convening will be held at the Inn at 500. Prime Access Consulting has secured a room block for those attending. Please book using the Inn at 500 booking page.


The single-track, invite only, two-day event is a multidisciplinary convening where the through line of all that is presented, discussed, and explored centers inclusion and access. We will have multiple recognition sessions presenting case studies of noteworthy projects from the cultural, themed entertainment, and digital domains, as well as dialogue sessions that will be conceptually focused. The diversity of these sessions will range from capital builds, location-based experience designs, digital experiences, digital applications, capacity building, event production, policy and administration practices, community engagement, patron and guest service, and much more.


Registration for the convening begins on April 1st and will be open until June 1st! You can register using our Google form.

  • Individual registration is $700.
  • Dual registration for an attendee supporting an emerging professional is $1,200.
  • Registration for a presenter supporting an emerging professional is $600.

PAC is committed to ensuring the inclusion of emerging professionals and students in the development of this community practice. To support this, $100 of your registration fee will go towards this program. If you would like to opt-out of this fee, please contact us at [email protected]

What Does the Registration Fee Include?

The cost of registration covers attendance to the two-day, single track convening. This includes:

  • Welcome happy hour and dinner on the arrival day (October 8, 2024)
  • Attendance to the two-day single-track conference (October 9 and 10, 2024)
  • Breakfast and afternoon snacks on both session days
  • Programmed dinner on both session days

All sessions will offer:

  • Human generated (CART) captioning
  • American Sign Language interpretation

Additional accessibility can be found on the Mosaic Convening 2024 Accessibility Page.

The cost of registration also includes breakfast and snacks on both session days as well as dinner and evening events hosted by Prime Access Consulting.


Recognition Sessions

The Convening will have nine recognition sessions each led by speakers from across the arts and cultural sector, with topics including capacity building, community engagement and relationship building, creating inclusive experiences, and more!

The speakers include:

  • Melanie Fales (She/Her), Executive Director of the Boise Art Museum
  • Vanessa Sanchez (She/Her), Director of Education and Yollocali Arts Reach at the National Museum of Mexican Art
  • Colleen Prior (She/Her), Manager of Content and Audiences at National Geographic Society
  • Armando Perla (They/He/She), Head Curator of the Textile Museum of Canada
  • Chris Xu (She/They), Product Manager focused on accessibility at Slack
  • Dr. Rosanna Flouty (She/Her), Director of New York University’s Museum Studies program
  • Jane Alexander (She/Her), Chief Digital Information Officer of the Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Representative from the National Federation of the Blind’s initiative to build the Museum of the Blind People’s Movement

Networking and Events

Networking and community building within a practice of inclusive design and accessibility is a core goal of the Convening, so Prime Access Consulting will be hosting programmed events in the evenings.

These events include:

  • The Welcome Dinner on Tuesday, October 8th
  • Evening at the Boise Art Museum on Wednesday, October 9th
  • Closing Reception on Thursday, October 10th