Last of Us Part II: Inclusive Design & Video Games

Naughty Dog Studios recently released Last of Us Part 2, a video game with over 60 inclusive design affordances built right in to help gamers of all abilities enjoy this title. From vibrotactile feedback to increased contrast and text to speech, and so much more, this video game goes above and beyond to deliver a best in class accessible experience in a mainstream title.

It is not often that we find ourselves truly impressed by the sheer range, quality, and thoughtfulness of accessibility features in a single offering. The team at Naughty Dog, the gamers with disabilities who contributed countless hours of testing and advice, and the advocates that have spent decades fighting for video games to include more audiences deserve a round of applause for the hard work that has gone into this title.

We really enjoyed reading Victor Branco’s review of the game. He details all the features that enable him, as a gamer with low vision, to play the game. The PlayStation blog also has a detailed listing of all the accessibility features in the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 video game screenshot shows high contrast blue and red figures on a grey background with a yellow bottle in the foreground.
A screenshot from The Last of Us Part 2 video game in high-contrast mode.